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  • Permanent Freeware

  • Quick Content Search

  • File Search on Network

  • Usage Scenarios

  • PC Desktop Search

    Best personal file search utility to fast find files on PC.

  • Network File Search

    File search on multiple computers over LAN

  • Text Search Engine

    Quick full-text search with real time search index

  • Team Docs Sharing

    Find, preview, & get files from your team members' PCs!

  • Project File Viewer

    Find and view the project files in your office


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File Search Software for Your Computer and Network

Text Finding can quickly find text in files on your PC and other networked computers. The software also lets you use a web browser to search and download files over network by setting up http file server.

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  • Find any files by text string, file type, and file name

    PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, TXT, emails (Outlook Express), program source

  • Search files on all computers over network with a web browser

    Find text in files on your PC and your team's computers.

  • Create full text index to perform quick file search

    Build search index on file content with incremental indexing of new or updated files

  • Exact match and relevant results are available

    Preview relevant results by the order of exact, phrase or broad match.

  • Get the found files from the networked computers

    View and obtain files you need from the computers of your colleagues or employees.

  • Easily set up http file server to perform file sharingnew

    Use web browser to search and download computer files from everywhere

Usage Scenarios

  • Find any file - numerous file types:

    - PDF, Word (DOC,DOCX,RTF), Excel(XLS), Text (txt)
    - Webpage source: html, asp, php, jsp,shtml, cfm, htx
    - Program source: VB, VC, PB, C++, JAVA, Delphi, C#
    - Email (outlook express), batch files, plain-ASCII text files

  • Easy ways to find files

    - Find files containing specific text (full-text search)
    - Find files by file type, file name, file size, and time search)
    - Sort files by file size, path and time
    - Find files stored anywhere on your pc or network

  • Exact phrase match or relevant results

    - Broad match or exact match results
    - View all the file content of search results

  • File Search Engines

    - Specific file search engine, such as: pdf search engine
    - LAN file search engine for teams, offices, projects

  • Permanent freeware

    - Text Finding has a permanent free version
    - Low-cost but powerful Pro edition available
    - Free Download, Free software to find your files on network!

  • Network file finder

    - Set up http file server to let other users search with a web browser.
    - Search all computers on local network (LAN)
    - Preview and download the found files from other computers
    - Set folders available for network search or not

  • Real time search index - Quick search

    - Create search index on file content to perform quick search
    - Generate different search indexes by location and file type
    - Re-index new or updated files real time (No need to rebuild a new search index)

  • Http File Server Software

    - Set up a simple http file server on any Windows computer
    - Search files on any computers via web browser
    - Download computer files from anywhere
    - Share files over network

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