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Search For Text Inside PDF Documents

PDF documents are probably the most commonly used set of documents in most offices today because of it’s ability to avoid accidental changes or modifications by unauthorized users. However, it’s a lot easier to find something you’re looking for in a Word document than it is for a PDF document because by default Windows search indexes all of the text inside of a Word document, thus making it easy to search all documents quickly.

The text inside PDF documents are not indexed by Windows or by other desktop search programs like Google Desktop, so most of the time if you need to find a particular PDF file, you have to manually open each one and perform a search. If you’re simply looking for some text in one PDF, it’s not a problem, but if you need to scan through a bunch of PDF documents in a directory, you can use the best PDF search tool - Text Finding! With the advanced search in Text Finding, you can search for text in all types of files, especially PDF files.

TextFinding is a high-performance, full-text search tool for your PC and local network.It is the best free software for text search in multiple PDF files. Download TextFinding now and try all the features at once, no matter you wan to look for PDF documents or any other types of files.

Download Text Finding free software to search inside PDF files

Are you looking for a way to search for text in PDF files? Text Finding is the ultimate PDF files search tool. It parses the text of PDF files, providing you a list of PDF files matching your search text including the matches themselves!

Using our Text Finding tool, you can quickly and exactly search for text in a range of PDF documents on your PC or LAN computers.  It can greatly reduce your searching time and increase your working efficiency. 

Take action right now to have a permanent free version of Text Finding!

Or purchase a license online to upgrade it to Pro Version with more powerful features! View BuyNow page.

Want to know how to search for text files using Text Finding? Visit Online Manual page.

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Text Finding can instantly find any file on your computer and network. This conetent search software can find files by text, file type, file name, file size and time. It can build search index to perform quick full-text search on your PC and networked computers in your local network (LAN)


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