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How to Search for Text inside Files

Text Finding is a useful file and text search ultility which can help you search any text contained in any pc files and let you use a web browser to search and download files over network by setting up http file server. 

Searching computer text files doesn't need to be frustrating.The program has a very user-friendly interface and can provide you with quick search. There are some useful options make it possible for you to filter your search. These options include file name, file path, modified date, file size and so on. Text Finding can display unlimited search results containing your search text. It is fast and extremely easy to use. With Text Finding, you no longer need to worry about missing letters or documents located somewhere in your PC and other networked computers. 

How to Search for Text inside Files?
* Download the latest version of Text Finding from the Download page

* Install and run the progrom on your pc.

* Add index folders - Select folders and file types you want to index to perform quick file search.
* Input  what you want to search in the input box, and search files by file name, file path, modified date and size.
* Set up an HTTP Server to let any network users can use their own web browser to search computer files over network.

Get started right now to check the working features and functionalities. If satisfied then puchase the powerful Text Finder Software at an affordable price. 
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About Text Finding
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Text Finding can instantly find any file on your computer and network. This conetent search software can find files by text, file type, file name, file size and time. It can build search index to perform quick full-text search on your PC and networked computers in your local network (LAN)


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