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Best Desktop File Search Tool

As you are looking for desktop file search software,Text Finding is your best choice.Why?Text Finding  endeavors to offer you  powerful features and benefits.Text Finding can be described as "3F". They are Free,Fast,Fabulous .
Searching desktop files is commonly used in office and personal house.Most people search files and folders by the traditional search engine in windows (Find and/or Windows Explore).However,this method is quite lag and inconvenience because it is too slow and frequently fails to find files.Therefore,a useful and reliable desktop searching tool is necessary and important.  FREE DOWNLOAD !

*Free:permanent freeware to search all kinds of files in your PC
With Text Finding ,you can search any types of files ,such as PDF,WORD,EXCEL,EMAILS,Program source ,etc
Also,you can search files by the file type,file name ,size or dates.Plus,you can find files stored anywhere on your PC or other computers.
*Find any kinds of files in your computer
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*Fast :Save the time on searching files on PC
With the quick search feature in this full-text search software,you can get search result in seconds.Different from other file search tools,Text Finding can not only search the disk in NTFS and FAT format.but also instantly find files and sort them according to the file type,size or date.In the past,you may not open a Word or FDF file and view its content with Adobe Reader or Office.However,Text Finding performs more flexibly and conveniently.There is a feature that allows you to view full text of file quickly and conveniently.Besides,you can input  the keywords you want to search in the text.

*Fabulous :Support both indexed and non-indexed search 
There are thousands of file search utilities in the market,but not all of them provide both indexed and non-indexed search.Text Finding can build real time search index on file content with increased reindexting of new or updated files.So,what is the features about indexed and non-indexed search?Indexed search is more faster but it can only search files in index scope while non-index search can let you any files in your PC. 
*Create Text Search Index
*Non-indexed search
*Share my files.
There is a highlight feature that is "Share my files".Different from other desktop search software,Text Finding allows you to share your files to other PCs.Therefore,it takes little time to transfer data and protect the files ' security.
 What can Text Finding do for you?
 In modern sociey,a great many of information are dumping to your PC everyday,they occupy your disk's space and wate your time,therefore,you do need a software that help you find them out. Text Finding is your best choice of desktop search.Why ?No matter you are at home or office,to find out a file your desired is not that esay sometimes.However,if you use the powerful tool----Text Finding,you can easily figure out some files ,such as mp3,pdf,emails,etc.
*At home
Your personaly computer may generate thousands of emails,word files,PDF,etc.Moreover,if you wnat to find out an article your wrote several years ago,it is difficult and time waste.With Text Finding,you can easily find any types of files.Take WORD files as example,you just need to input the file name or input "* doc",you can find the relevant files.Also,you can view the file information ,such as file date,file size and file path.
*At office
Compared with personal computer user,company users are more frustrated when they want to find out desired files.Once you ask your colleague to find some files,he or she may spend lots of time in searching.As an old saying goes,Time is moeny.If you spend too much time in searching files ,which decrease your effiecieny.Now,you need Text FIinding.Text Finding has the ability to scan files in few seconds accurately and fast.Undet this desktop search tool,your employees' passionate and effiency will be improved.In addition,the productivity can be increased as well ,I believe.
Why you choose Text Finding?
The more information we need to sort everyday,the more time we spend on searching and less time we spend on being productive. It seems annoying and hopeless.But don't worry,Text Finding will be your best backup.It will become your desktop search tool and save your time to find the right document or files.
Get started with Text Finding!Save time,increase productivity,simply your life!



The best desktop file search tool can greatly save my time spent on searching required information on PC. It really does a good job!

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Text Finding can instantly find any file on your computer and network. This conetent search software can find files by text, file type, file name, file size and time. It can build search index to perform quick full-text search on your PC and networked computers in your local network (LAN)