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A Professional Text Finder

Have you ever found difficulty in searching a file in your PC?Have you thought about how many times were spent in finding a full-text file?Now,there is a brand-new solution to help you.Text Finding is a professional and powerful software ,which has various functions. Text Finding is a free desktop search tool to quickly find out files or folders immediately by inputting desired file names or keywords. Trail Download 
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Main features
*Find any files by text string,file type,file name,file size and time 
----Text Finding has powerful ability to help you search any types of files,such as PDF,DOC,XLS,HTM,TEX,EMAILS
*Search all files in every computers in a network
----Text Finding enables you to find out any files in the desired computers,you can set up a team in order to simplify the searching
*Real time search index
----Text Finding performs a function that can create search index  on file content to perform quick search
*File Search Engines
----Text Finding offers specific file search engine,such as PDF search engine.Also,it lets you connect to your teams,offices and projects by LAN file search engine.
*Permanent freeware
----Text Finding has a permanent free version,which provides free download and powerful features to you.
Other key features:

* Find Files Containing Text
How to locate and find files containing text quickly by entering a complete or partial name of the required content?How to easily find files contains full content?What is the best way to read full text by a software?Text Finding can help you!For instance,if you want to find a file contains "keyword",but not "keywords "or "finding keywords software",Text Finding can still help you search the files.
*Index and non-index searching
There are many desktop file searching  tools, but they can only provide  either indexed search or non-indexed search. Text Finding is much more flexible. It can build real time search index on file content with increased re-indexing of new or updated files. So you can perform quick search to fast find files on PC. Besides indexed search, non-indexed search is also available. You can find any files or documents on your desktop and the network drives easily.

*Share any files in a LAN 
Using Text Finding in your office, you can instantly search and find files with text on your PC and other networked computers. Simple, fast and reliable! You don't need to install a server or other complicated steps. You only need to download and  run Text Finding and connect it to the local network, then you will see other networked computers. After connection, you are allowed to search multiple PCs at the same time. Meanwhile,you can also share and download the found files from other computers. With Text Finding,sharing become more accessible and much easier.
How to use Text Finding?
A.How to Create Text Search Index
1. Click "Indexer”.
2. Select index scope and file type, then click “Create Index” button to start creating text search index
3. There is a progress bar indicating the progress of the search.
4. Speed can be adjusted.
5. A Click Pause button to pause indexing and click Proceed button to resume.
6. Click Stop button to stop indexing.
7. Click Hide button to hide the index interface.
8. When indexing is completed, “Index OK” will appear at the bottom.

B.How to find files with contents?

1.Click "Content"in the tool bar
2.Input the desired keywords 
3.Choose which file you need,
4.View the full-content in the "Views"--"Full -text Content"

What can Text Finding do for you ?
*Find file in an easiest way
*Fast find any kinds of files
*Extract phrase match or relevant results
*Sort the search results by files path,file size,modified data,etc
*Save searching results
*Open folders where search results are located

If you had spent much time in searching a file,if you are still looking for a reliable tool to find full-text file,if you do want to improve your work efficiency ,Text Finding is really a professional freeware for you!Text Finding can be your best free full- text search finder!  FREE DOWNLOAD!


Very useful text search tool. I was just about to begin searching for a tool like that since I have to search for text within multiple files in my computer, but since I have found this software, I don’t have to look for that. Thanks.

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Text Finding can instantly find any file on your computer and network. This conetent search software can find files by text, file type, file name, file size and time. It can build search index to perform quick full-text search on your PC and networked computers in your local network (LAN)