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Powerful Content Search Software

Text Finding is a powerful content search software designed for all Windows platforums including Windows 7 and Windows 8. It makes full-text content search for your computer and network much easier and faster.

If you wonder, "How can i search word/excel/pdf content in multiple files on my pc? How can i index my pdf files?", Text Finding can help you and fully meet your needs. It is the fastest utility to quickly search files by content on your pc and other networked computers. It also allows you to use the web browser to search and download computers files by settins up http file server.

What is the best and most reliable software for searching files on network? Start using Text Finding today to search network files for text.

Where to download the free program for conducting document content searches? Download here and get started to try Text Finding now.

Text Finding provides the most robust feature set in its class: 

  • Easy Content Search Wizards

        The easy-to-use wizards guide you through the entire file content search process.

  • All file types supported

  •     Find any files, such as PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, TXT, emails (Outlook Express), program source by text string, file type, file name, file size and time.

  • Organize and search documents in LAN

        Using Text Finding, you can not only find text inside a file on your computer but also search the contents of text files on home network or office network.

  • Create text search index to instantly find files

        You can create search index by location and file type to perform quick file content search.

  • Non-indexed search supported

  •     Easily search your pc and the network drives without indexing.

  • Easily set up http file server to perfrom file sharing

        A new function for you to use web browser to search and download computer files from everywhere.

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    Which content search software should we use?

    We often need to search for some particular content inside different text files. But the more files and foleres you have stored on your desktops, the more time and energy you need to spend in finding them and thus less time you can spend on your daily work, which may make you work less efficiently and productively. How to search network files for text? What program should you use? There are many, but the best is whichever one that you'll actually use. Among so many file content search programs, the best free one for your pc we will highly recommend is Text Finding.

    It is suitable for computer text search, which can help you easily and quickly search file content across your network. You no longer need to waste much time in finding a required file or specific text. You can also share your indexed files, then your friends can download the files you have shared. 

    Do not hesitate to try the powerful content search software to search your files in minutes!


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    Text Finding can instantly find any file on your computer and network. This conetent search software can find files by text, file type, file name, file size and time. It can build search index to perform quick full-text search on your PC and networked computers in your local network (LAN)