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Text Finder Tool

The more information we had stored on the PC,the more time we spend on searching a desired file and less time will be spent on productive.Text Finding is an advanced desktop search program which will become the key search engine tool in your daily life.It has been found that Text Finding is the best text finder widget in your computer.
Usage Scenarios
You may be  entangled with so much documents,photos,pictures or PDF files in your computer for long time.Therefore,you may ask a few questions:
How can I find out a file within a few seconds?

What is the most simple way to search my PC?

Which program is free and most useful for me?

How can I search a desired file in an intelligent way?

How to search a file in my neighbor network?

How to search a full-text content file in an easy way?
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One of the main benefits of desktop search programs is that search results arrive within  few seconds or less; The traditional search engine like Microsoft Windows search companion  do not has as much function as Text Finding had. Microsoft Windows   searches through Windows files and folders only, not e-mail or contact databases, and unless you enable the Indexing Service (in Win7,Win8 or MAC), and it has reported that the Windows search tool is extremely slow.Don't worry,Text Finding is a champion in file searching,which can help you figure out a file or folder in an amazing fast speed.

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Here are some main features :

----Find any files by text string, file type, file name, file size and time

----PDF, DOC, XLS, HTM, TXT, emails (Outlook Express), program source

----Search files on all computers in your network

----Provide full-text search on your PC and your team's computers.

----Get the found files from the networked computers

----View and obtain files you need from the computers of your colleagues or employees.

----Create search index to instantly find files

----Build search index on file content with incremental re indexing of new or updated files

----Non-indexed search is also available

----Find any documents on your desktop and network drives easily

What advantage about Text Finding?

1.At office,save time searching a desired file
Over years,there may  accumulated   lots of data in your office computers.Once you want to find an important or emergent document,it may brings you inconvenience.As a new staff to a company,you may not very familiar with the operation about that.When a manager as you to find a file in the computer,you may feel  frustrated with that because there are millions of files in the disk.Thankfully to Text Finding,you can search a desired file within a few seconds.You do not have to worry about the time,you can search the file in a fast way.Plus,IT colleague can feel free to do other jobs because this useful widget had help them a lot.

2.Search all computers in the company (via LAN)
Using Text Finding in your company, you can immediately search and find files with text on your PC and other networked computers. How to describe Text Finding?That is easy, fast and reliable! Unlike traditional tools ,they always require you to install a new server in the computer,but with Text Finding ,you don't need to install a server. You can only need to run Text Finding and connect it to the local network, then you will see other networked computers. After connection, you are allowed to scan multiple computers simultaneous . You can also preview and download the found files from other computers. From now on, it is so easy and fast for you to find and get the shared files at any time in your company, which will greatly improve your working efficiency.

3.Support both indexed and non-indexed search
Firstly,you may ask what is non-index search.Non-index search lets you search any files in your PC,while index search is much more faster,but it can only search in index scope.There are many file search software, but they can not satisfied all customers.Some of them  perform either indexed search or non-indexed search. Text Finding is much more advanced. It can build real time search index on file content with increased re-indexing of new or updated files. So you can perform quick search to fast find files on PC. Besides indexed search, non-indexed search is also available. You can find any files or documents on your desktop and the network drives easily.

How to use non-index search?

1.Click “File – Non-index Search” and open the “Non-index Search” window.
2.Input what you want to search in the input box.
3.Set the search scope
4.Set file types to search.
5.Click “Search” button and start searching.

Check for update is available!

If a new version of Text Finding has been released, a notice will pop up and ask you to update your current version to the latest one after Text Finding is running. You can easily check whether you have updated Text Finding successfully or whether you are using the newest version by clicking "Help - Check For Updates". If you are using the newest one, a small window will pop up and say "You are using the newest version."

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About Text Finding
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Text Finding can instantly find any file on your computer and network. This conetent search software can find files by text, file type, file name, file size and time. It can build search index to perform quick full-text search on your PC and networked computers in your local network (LAN)


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