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Text Finding is the best free content search software that can perform full-text content search in many types of files, including PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, Outlook Express, text, and many more. Even if you may not remember the file’s name, or you just remembe one or two keyword phrases in a file, Text Finding has strong featurse to help you effectively search the files with a small part of its contents. You can quickly find all the files containing specific contents on your computer and network. Then you can view the searched file content conveniently and get the files with the content you need from any other computers on the network.

After searching the contents you specify, Text Finding software will provide you relevant results containing some content keywords, you can use the exact phrase match checker to refine the results, then know which files contain exact same content you are looking for. The content search program has a free version. Please download this content search freeware from our website to evaluate its strong file content searching features. Text Finding offer you the best way to search content within your files and the computers of your team members, no matter they are your colleagues or employees.

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Text Finding- a Powerful Content Search Tool

Do you often need to search for some particular content inside different text files? If you’re in IT or deal with documents on your daily work, this issue may come up quite often. Do you urgently need a utility to find content or text in an easier and faster way? Luckily, there is an easy way to quickly find any text string within any text file, as long as you use our Text Finding application. Please take a look at what Text Finding can do for you.

Text Finding, tailor-made for individual or corporate users, is a best free desktop search tool to find some text within a bunch of files. It is dedicated to offering its users prompt and easy text searching experience. This program enables text-finding users to search their specified content or PDF text promptly and efficiently. Clicking “Create Text Search Index” of Text Finding, you can conduct searching content within a few minutes by adjusting the index creating speed, which can greatly save you valuable time and energy. With its unique combination of simplified customization and ease of use, Text Finding gives the most efficient solution to your content searching problems; with its powerful software functionality, Text Finding makes itself become a reliable and user-friendly tool that you and other content searching users will count on.

Our aim to develop Text Finding is to deliver efficient document finding solutions that enable you to search and access your contents, so that you can much more efficiently manage your files or folders and accomplish your tasks.

What's New in Text Finding?

  • Newly reformed interface
  • Find computer files fast by file name
  • Search for any text string across multiple files by content
  • Fixed indexes creating feature
  • And more...

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Why Another Content Searching Utility?

" I was fascinated by how Windows Search finds files for me once. It helped me locate Word, Excel or PDF documents, so that I could free up time for more important tasks. This built-in Windows Search might be the finding application most of us needed and used. However, during use period, I found it couldn't meet my growing need. I often needed to find a document of which I didn't remember the name, but only know the contents. Windows 7 doesn’t always search for specific contents, especially when it comes to more obscure documents. This means if you enter a phrase, it will only find file name, but not actually look through what's in each single text. So I tried to find another tool which can offer me more features than what Windows Search provides, in order to search for specific content much more efficiently. Then I found Text Finding. It is really a best free multifunctinal app to search files containing text. It is featured with multiple search methods, auto categorization and results sorting, ect."

Yes! Text Finding is a powerful and user-friendly utility to search file contents in windows . It provides with more functions that other programs don't. You can see its features on the below .

Find any file type

Text Finding supports searching text in any file type, such as office documents( PDF, Word , Excel, Text, Email), Webpage source (htm, html, asp, aspx, php, jsp, shtm, shtml, cfm, mspx),Program source (VB, VC, PB, C++, JAVA, Delphi, C#) and any other file type.

Search for all files within a few seconds

Text Finding is a powerful Windows desktop search indexer. It has its own index search technology which is much faster and more effective than others and also offers other powerful features. It greatly saves your time and energy in finding multiple documents. Download this miraculous tool for permanent free use now and make your work and life much easier and more convenient than ever.

Search documents on LAN PCs

Using Text Finding, you can not only find text inside a file on your computer but search the contents of text files on home network or office network.

Allow finding in specified folders or drives
Text Finding supports searching in your specified folders or drives. You can easily add your searching folders or drives, which will locate the target scope without other redundant files in other paths.

Support more searching paths simultaneously

Text Finding allows you to search for files containing text across many different folders or drives at the same time, not limiting the amount of searching folders or drives.

Offer fast indexing

Unsing Text Finding, you can freely adjust the speed of index creating by moving the speed button, which can let you index the files in your defined scope within a second.

Search for text inside PDF files

Text Finding supports you to find specific content within PDF files. There is no need to install Adobe Reader or other PDF editing software on your PC.

Speeding up the searching

You can limit your search in order to speed it up and make the searched results more meaningful by specifying one or more folders, instead of a whole drive.

Find recently modified files

If you need to find those documents you recently used, you can select "Today" or "This week" in the "Modified Date" filter, and even customize the date you want.

Locate text within a file

Text Finding is a program that can locate text inside a text file after the search results come out. You can click the result and then it will display which line the text locates.

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For more details about its features, please take a look at the followings.

Key Features

- instantaneously finding the documents on your local PC or LAN desktops
- searching for specific content by file types
- searching files containing text by file name
- finding PDF documents by modified date
- searching for full text inside of Word and Excel documents by size
- finding a file containing a particular text string in Windows by regex
- gathering index and non-index searching
- generating different indexes by multiple search scope and file types
- reindexing newly updated files automatically ( no need to rebuild new search indexes)
- creating different finding indexes by different scope and file types
- having the feature of "Exact Phrase Match"
- adjusting the indexing speed
- sorting the searched results :
by file name
by file path
by modified time
by file size
- viewing the full text by double cliicking the results or right clicking and selecting "Full Text Viewer"
- saving the searched results
- sharing your files with your LAN desktop
- getting shared files
- setting the path to get shared files

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Usage Scenarios

Text Finding can be used in the following scenarios:

- Searching files containing text on your Windows XP or across LAN PCs if you forget where they locate

- Finding and removing temporary documents on your local and network PC

- Searching for a fuzzy text search engine

- Finding files containing specific text strings within a second

- Looking through desktops used by your employees or students for inappropriate files to observe their performance

- Tracking newly appeared or modified files on your computers

- Scanning through text in definied size

- Finding open shared files (including hidden) on your LAN desktops

- Creating search index on file content to perform swift finding

- Searching for documents anytime without indexing

- Looking for a powerful PDF search engine

- Setting your folders available for network search

- Defining your files just for private desktop search

- Previewing and getting the found files on network PCs


A Real-world Example of Searching for Content Using Text Finding

Text Finding supports to narrow down search results and find the exact contents or files that you’re looking for. Please look at the following example which may tell you how to find text inside a file on your desktop or LAN computers by using Text Finding:

Search for Word documents (.doc files) that contains a particular word or words (“content”) in specific drive (C drive)

If you want to find all the Word documents with the word “content”, you can use indexed search or non-indexed search.

With index searching, you first need to “Create Text Search Index” in “Settings”, select the index scope (C drive) and file type (.doc) and click “Create” button. Then enter the word “content” in the search box and press “Enter”. The results will be displayed. After that, you need to select “File Text” in “Search” and then the Word documents with “content” will be showed in “Search Result”.

However, if you don’t want to spend time creating any index, you can also choose non-index searching. Select “Non-Indexed Search” in “File”, input “content” in the entering box and then choose “C drive” in “Search Scope” and “.doc” in “File Types to Search”. Finally, click “Search” button. Then all the Word documents with “content” in C drive can be seen in the results.

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Maybe some of you may ask," what can I benefit by using Text Finding?"

I may reply, "One of the most important and favorable benefits should be that you can save your time and energy and increase your working efficiency or productivity."

The more files and foleres you have stored on your desktops, the more time and energy you need to spend in finding them and thus less time you can spend on your daily work, which may make you work less efficiently and productively. Text Finding, an efficient files search utility, is designed for home users, professionals and small businesses who want to free up their time so that they can focus on their work and clients. This powerful and user-oriented desktop search engine offers you a chance to instantaneously search for everything that helps you – files, emails, PPT,Word, Excel, PDF and much more.

Staying organized is key to productivity. Text Finding can find text within numerous files and files inside multiple folders in a matter of second, which can help you stay organized and become productive. Whether to search for results as you input in the search box or to view any searched files, Text Finding can meet your increasing finding needs and empower you in your business and daily life.

Therefore, one of the vitalestl benefits you may realize by using Text Finding is increasing working efficiency. If you have a great number of files on your Windows XP or LAN PCs but you cannot make sure what is there or where it is, using our Text Finding tool, you can quickly and exactly locate your needed PDF or any othe documents. It can greatly reduce your finding time and increase your working efficiency.

Besides, Text Finding is designed with some flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.

  • Combining indexed and non-indexed search to let you have a chance to choose your favorable way to find text in multiple files
  • Offering the options of finding documents by files types, modified time and file size, ect.
  • Providing you with searching on your own computer and on your shared computers

What Are the Key Advantages of Text Finding?

The following lists are the advantages of Text Finding, compared with Copernic Desktop Search software.

1. Text Finding can index and search at the same, while Copernic Desktop Search can find files only after indexing finishes.
2. Text Finding can create search index in a matter of second by adjusting the index speed, Copernic needs much more time on index.
3. Text Finding supports non-index search, while Copernic doesn't.
4. Text Finding allows "Exact Phrase Match"; Copernic doesn't.
5. Text Finding offers you a chance to view which line your searched particular content locates, while Copernic doesn't.
6. Text Finding supports you to search files on LAN PCs.
7. Text Finding can search for text inside files much more swiftly than Copernic.
8. Text Finding allows sharing your files with network users; Copernic doesn't.
9. Downloaded package of Text Finding comes with a permanent free edition, while Copernic only offers 30-day free trial.
10. The Professional Edition of Text Finding is much cheaper than that of Copernic.

Want to have a free trial to experience the simplicity and efficiency of Text Finding at once?
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Want to know more about how to search specific content using Text Finding?

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