Edition Comparison
Find any File - Numerous File Types
Office Documents: PDF, Word (DOC,DOCX,RTF), Excel, Text (txt), Email (outlook express) free Professional
Webpage source: htm, html, asp, aspx, php, jsp, shtm, shtml, cfm, mspx free Professional
Any Program source: VB, VC, PB, C++, JAVA, Delphi, Pascal, C#, etc. free free
Any other file types: batch files, any plain-ASCII text files free free
Number of search results 6 Unlimited
Real Time Search Index - Quick Search
Create search index on file content to perform quick file search fre Professional
Generate different search indexes by location and file type free Professional
Real-time incremental indexing (No need to rebuild index for updated files) free free
Network File Search
Set up HTTP Server to let any network user search with a web browser    
Search any computer on local network (LAN) with a web browser free free
Preview and download the found files from other computers free free
Set your folders available for network search or just for private desktop search free free
Ways to Find Files
Find files with text (full-text search - find files containing specific text string) Professional Professional
Find files by file type, file name (File indexer covers text in file name) Professional Professional
Sort search results by file time, size, path and name Professional Professional
Exact Phrase Match or Relevant Results
Exact match results (Show up first in file searching results) free Professional
Broad match, phrase match, relevant results free Professional
File Search Engines
Specific file search engine, such as: pdf search engine Professional Professional
LAN file search engine for teams, offices, projects Professional Professional
Open Folder
Open folders where searched results are located Professional Professional