Text Finding - File Search Software for Your Desktop and Network

The best file search software should be able quickly find files you need on computer or network. No matter the files you are looking for are pdf, Word, Excel or any source code files, a great file searching software can fast scan the target locations to find files containing particular text string. Text Finding, the handy and professional text search software tool can meet your file search needs for your business or individual use. The file content search software can create indexes for all the files in any folder or even in your whole computer, so that you are able to get a fast file search result when you need find any file by content.

Text Finding 's quick file search is based on the indexing of files and folders as well as the whole hard drive. With the built-in file indexer, this text search tool can not only search files containing particular text string, but also find a file by a lengthy phrase or setence. Because you can select the scope of folders and the file types you need create file index, the indexing processing can be faster than usual. Also, the file search index will cover the file names, so the file search program can also be your file finder by file names and texts inside file contents. If you are seeking the software for search text inside files, Text Finding is a very good file search utility that can fulfill your content search tasks, especailly when you have millions of files stored on your computer or network and the file types are quite diverse.

In addition, Text Finding has a permanent free version that allows you to find text in files for free. The file search freeware give you a chance to evaluate all the professional features. Please go head to visit the software website to have free download and free trial of the great file search program.

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Frequently-Asked Questions about Text Finding's File Search Functions:

How to search for text inside multiple files with a professional desktop search software ?

Q: I have many pdf files at work and often need to quickly find a pdf file containing particular text string. How can I find text in pdf files in seconds by using a file search software ? Particularly, I usually need to search multiple files for a text, sometimes it is inside the file content, and sometimes it is in the file name, or both.

A: Multiple file file search on desktop is a great challenge for many computer users. Searching and locating files with specific texts inside is not easy and will take a long time if you use Windows File Search Utility. Especially you need to search pdf files. Other file search applications will either cost you much time for text searching, or cost much money for paying a license. Text Finding can search files by content or specific texts very fast due to its quick file indexing technology used in the file search process. To search multiple files, Text Finding will let you generate file indexes on the target folders and perform full text file search. And the file text search software can also index the file names, so the final file search results will include files that has searched text inside their file names. So if you search words inside a file, no matter they are in the file content or file name, Text Finding can give you a very reliable file search solution.

Q: What is the best way to search file contents that are frequently changing ? I have evaluated other file search shareware products, but they cannot deal with incremental file index issues. Can Text Finding resolve this issue regarding to changing file content search ? I do need an accuate desktop search tool to find any file on my computer.

A: Yes. Text Finding can read inside files and watch all file changes. As long as a word within a file is added or deleted, the files search software will also change the related file index. The incremental file indexing machanism will automatically update the file search function inside the software. Therefore, the file content search results will be very accurate and you will get the latest file search results if you use this great text file search software to search for text within files.

Q: Our team have a couple of computers in the office, which store many files and documents for a project. How to find files across computers? I mean the files we need to search not only on my pc, but also on the other computers on the network. Can I search multiple computers to find a file containing a text string so that we can locate a project file as soon as possible?

A: Our network file search program, Text Finding, can search multiple computers on network to quickly find a file you need. That is, you just need install the files searching software on each workstation, and create indexes for file search, and you can search network files from your pc. You will have an http server IP address for each computer you wish to search, then you can use the browser on your computer to search for text inside files that are stored on other computers on network.


Q: I know that Text Finding is a network file searching program to search text within files on LAN. How many licenses I need purchase If all my colleagues want to search my computer throug the browser on their computer respectively? I mean the license quantity required for file search on one http file server by multiple users on LAN.

A: If only one file server is searched by users over network, one license is required for searching file server because only one copy of Text Finding is needed to install on the file server machine. On the other hand, if you need the software to search multiple LAN computers for finding a file you need, definitely you need buy more licenses since every computer on the network needs a license for running the file searcher software.


Q: I am an IT guy and often need to search source codes within the program source files. Can Text Finding search for source codesof both website and software application ?

A: Besides the office files such as pdf, Excel, Word documents (doc & docx), Text Finding can also search webpage sources and program source codes. The full text content search will help you locate any codes or scripts within your program files. Here are some source code types this file searching tool can build index and perform full text search: VB, VC, PB, C++, JAVA, Delphi, Pascal, C#, htm, html, asp, aspx, php, jsp, shtm, shtml, cfm, mspx, etc. So if you need software to search files that are related to your website or software development, Text Finding is a good choice for you.


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Key Features of Text Finding Software - Finding Text within Files is so easy!

The following features Text Finding can let you know how useful this file search program is, and also let you show how to search text inside files on your LAN comouters including Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC machines.


Create file search index
Text Finding lets you search text within your indexed files so that you are able to obtain the file search results more quickly than other file search programs.
If you need search for text in multiple files, you can select "Add ”button in the program. To save time for creating file index, you can select some folders for indexing .

Quick file search

You can find files containing specific text in seconds because the program search for text files by using active search indexes without openning any real files. The file content search software acts as a local file search engine to discover files you need on your desktop or network.

Incremental index (Automatic reindexing)

It will take time to rebuild search index again when your file is updated or removed. The automatic reindex function will update index for a specific file change. Therefore, the new index file search will present the newest and accurate results when you search files for a text.

Exact phrase match
Text Finding will present you exact file search results if the files contain specific content you indicate. The file content search software can identify all texts in DOC, DOCX, PPT or PDF. You can locate the files containing the exact phrase you input in the search box.
When entering a word or phrase, for example,. “file search engine”, you will see the exact match results will appear first including those file names having such a text. When you need software for searching files containing exact matched text, TextFinding is the correct application to precisely meet your file searching needs.

Search multiple computers on network
Text Finding is free network file search software to scan multiple computers on LAN so that you can easily locate files containing specific text string not only on your desktop pc, but also on all your network computers.

Http file server search

As long as you install Text Finding in any computer on your network, you will make this computer as a http file server, and it will generate a http server IP address. All network users can use their browser and input this IP address of the http file server to search files on this computer. So this file server software offers an easy to search files across network.

Let others download and share your files over network
By setting up a http file server, the network file search program enables other network users search files over local network by using their browsers. The network users can download these found files to their own computer from their browser. In this way, your files can be shared by other users across the LAN.



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Why we need a file search software program ?

More files you have on your desktop computer, more time you need spend in case for searching files when you need find an important file. In some cases, you just memorize some keywords or phrases inside the document, and you must search for words that you are sure inside the file. So you need a file search software product to perform the task that might be also an urgent need. If you have a handy file searching tool, like Text Finding, to search your computer or network to quickly find out files related to specific content. The file searching program can meet your increasing search needs in office or at home. If you need search text across PDF or other documents every day, Text Finding is a very fast file search utility to find any file.

Therefore, using a file search app, like Text Finding, can increase file searching efficiency. If you find a file from numerous files on your desktop or laptop, or your project team have documents needed to be searched and shared over the local area network, The file searching tool can quickly locate the Word or PDF documents that contain an exact sentence or phrase you are looking for. It can reduce your file searching time and increase your working productivity.


If you don't have budget to buy a text search tool, you may try Text Finding, which also can be file search software freeware.

At any rate, Text Finding is good enough to be a indexed file finder for you. It is not a simple desktop search software only, but also a network file searcher, which can also help setting up http file server for file seeking and file sharing. Please do not hesitate to download this great file search software.

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