Find Text in Files

Text Finding is best text search software to find text in files stored on your computer and network drives. No matter you are looking for a pdf file or MS Word document that contains a specific text string, Text Finding can quickly scan your PC , network drives, and networked computers, and then find text within files. It is a convenient file search tool to find any file on your PC and network.

Text Finding can perform instant file search with content indexing of files and folders you sepecify. This file search freeware is fairly easy to use. It can not only find files containing specific text string, but also find any file by a long phrase or setence, file type, file name, file size and file modified time. So using this application is the best way to find files stored anywhere on your computer or network.

You can find documents you need in seconds because the program looks for data in the active search index without opening real files. You can use TextFinding to find any file of numerous file types, like PDF, Word, Excel, Text, Webpage source, Program source, Emai (outlook), etc.

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Searching for Text within Multiple Files at Once

Q: I have a great deal number of files containing particular text strings everywhere on my computer and have been using Windows Search or Google Desktop Search for a while. But there are many limitations with those text searching engines .I urgently need to find an app to search for specific content inside my numerous files. Can you recommend me a software which can meets my need and is powerful and reliable?

A: I have to admit that there are multiple text files on our desktops or our network computers. Searching and locating those texts can be done with lots of built-in search apps. But not all of them can look inside the specific content. In this case, Text Finding can help you not only search and view the text but also share your files and get the shared documents on LAN PC.If you want to learn more about this searching utility, please continue to read the following information.

Text Finding is powerful and best free software to find text across files for individual user and corporation (company, government, non-profit community, etc.). It enables you to promptly and conveniently find specific content in various file types at the same time.

Non-indexed search is available with Text Finding. It allows you to find any document in your PC or local network computer. When finding text across files, you can enter any term you want in the search t box. There is no restriction to the types of files and the quantity of file types. If you cannot find the file types you need to search in the options, you can also add some to the file types box. After you enter your favorable content, select the search scope and files types and click “search”, the software will show an additional column below the search results. That is “Text Location”. You can click the search result and then it will display which line the text locates. And you can also right click the result and select to view the full text.

Unlike non-index searching, indexed search needs you to creat text search index first. The indexed documents will synchronize with the (changed) text to ensure the accuracy of the searched results. You can define the index scope as a folder, a few folders or all drives on your PC. If the contents are changed in the indexed field, Text Finding will automatically create index for them. But if some files or folders are removed, their corresponding text in the indexed scope will be also deleted. By index finding, you can more swiftly search for text across multiple files.

What is the best way to index and search text file contents? Text Finding may be my answer.

Are you getting frustrated because you cannot seem to remember where your saved Word, Excel or PDF is? You cannot find the right text in files when you need it? Stop manually finding inside multiple files and search it using Text Finding, which is a best desktop search engine for windows 7 searching inside word,excel, PDF, ect. Simply download and install this text search application on your desktop or network computer to find the files containing text you want. Text Finding can instantaneously find out the content you need on your PC and list the search results by category (File Name, File Path, Modified, Size and Word) so that you can view the result clearly.

What's New in Text Finding?

  • Newly reformed and user-friendly interface
  • Search computer files instantly by file name
  • Find files containing specific text strings by content
  • Fixed text search index creating
  • And more...

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More about Finding Text in Files Using Text Finding Software

The following distinct features are not only to demonstrate the uniqueness of Text Finding, but also to show how to find text inside files on your Windows 7 or LAN PCs.

Create text search index
Text Finding gives you a chance to search text within your indexed texts so that you can get the results more quickly.
If you want to search text in index, you can select "Settings-Create Text Search Index” or directly click "Create Text Search Index" button. To speed up creating index, you can adjust the speed.

Quick search

You can find files containing specific text in a matter of second because the program search for text files in the active search index without opening real files, if you have created search index.

Reindex automatically

There is no need to rebuild search index everytime when you update or remove some documents. With automatic reindexing, the program replaces modified files and deletes unexisted text from index.

Exact Phrase Match Checker
Text Finding program allows you to search for specific content, such as DOC, PPT or PDF text, with the exact phrase you specify in the input box.
When entering only a word, e.g. “live”, you will see the “Exact Phrase Match Checker” button keeps gray.
When inputting phrases or sentences, e.g. “live chat”, you will find all files containing “live”, “chat” , but not always the full phrase “live chat”. If you want to find text including that complete phrase “live chat”, you need to click “Exact Phrase Match Checker” button to get exact phrase match results.

Search a drive, folder or multiple drives and folders
Text Finding is free software to search directory for text. You can input in the search scope a drive, folder or many drives and folders to find text in files, such as C:\, D:\android-sdk-windows\, or both at the same time.

Specify file types
When you select .txt, .html,.java,Text Finding would check only text with names ending in.txt, .html,.java.

Search for full text by regex

For example, if you enter “.pdf” in search box and select “this month ” in the “Modified Date”, it will display all those PDF documents you used this month on your computer.

Save search results
If you want to save your search results, you can click “File”- “Save Search Results. Then the File Paths of those results can be saved and used when you need it.

Select modified date and file size
If you need to narrow down your searching scope, you can find text in files by the text’s modified date or file size.

Classify your searched results
Applying Text Finding, you can sort the search-result list with file text, file name, folder name, modified date and text size.

Share your files
Clicking "Share" button, you can share your indexed files that network users can search by content or share your files that network users can search by file name.

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Usage Scenarios

Q: "When may Text Finding meet my urgent need? "

A: "Text Finding is a free software to find text inside files. It can be used in the following scenarios. "

- When you are frantically searching file contents in windows but have forgot where they locate

- When you need to find text within file on network

- When you want to find out those temporary files and delete them to free up disk space

- When you are looking through PCs used by your employees or students for inappropriate files to observe their performance

- When you are checking newly updated or modified files on your Windows 7

- When you want to search for text you used on 10/10/2011

- When you are scanning through documents in definied size

- When you need to use the files containing specific content on your shared network PCs

- When you urgently need a lost PPT for an important presentation but forget its file name and only remember its located drive

- When you need to find text within numerous files in multiple folders and drives in a matter of minutes

- When you want to search specific content by indexing

- When you need to set your folders available for network searching or just for private desktop finding

- When you are lazy to rebuild the indexes and are looking for a search tool that can reindex the modified files real time

- When you want to get the searched results with exact phrase match

- When you are looking for a search engine which allows you to adjust the index-creating speed freely

- When you want to generate different indexes by different location and file types

- When you need to search multiple pdf files for text

- When you want a search engine to find files containing text anytime without indexing


Screenshots Screenshots Download Download BuyNow BuyNow Support Online Manual


The more information we have stored on our desktops, the more time and energy we need to spend in searching and thus less time we can spend in being productive. Text Finding can work as an individual or enterprise search to securely find out needed specific content on Windows XP or network computers. It is designed to help you and me find text across PDF or other documents quickly and easily in your daily activities to meet your ever increasing search needs.

Therefore, one of the most significant benefits you may realize by using Text Finding is increasing working efficiency. If you, like many companies, have numerous files on your desktop or file shares full of documents on local area network, however, you cannot make sure what is there or where it is. By using our Text Finding tool, you can quickly and exactly locate the Word or PDF documents you are looking for, as well as some related files. It can reduce your searching time and increase your working efficiency.

In addition, Text Finding is designed with some flexibility to meet your growing needs:

Offering the choices to search for specific content by files types, modified date and file size, ect.

Supporting you search text files in your favorable way, indexed searching or non-indexed finding.

Allowing searching on your own Windows 7 and on your shared PCs


Key Advantages of Text Finding

Maybe some of you may ask, “Why Text Finding, if I already have the built-in Windows Search or Google Desktop Search ?”

The reason is that Text Finding has much more advantages than other search tools. You can take a look at the below comparing table between Text Finding and Copernic Desktop Search.

Text Finding Copernic Desktop Search
Can index while searching Find text only after indexing
Can create search index within a second Need much more time on index
Support non-indexed search Not
Allow "Exact Phrase Match" Not
Support previewing which line the content is in by "Text Location" Not
Allow searching for text inside files on LAN PCs Not
Search files much more swiftly than Copernic Not as fast as Text Finding
Support sharing your files with your network partners Not
A permanent free version Only offer a 30-day free trial
Much cheaper than Copernic (Professional version) More expensive

Want to Instantly Search Computer Files? Get Started Now!!!

Free Download Texting Finding to have a permanent free trial: http://www.textfinding.com/Download.asp

Purchase a license online to upgrade it to Pro Version which has more powerful features: http://www.textfinding.com/Buynow.asp

For more details about how to use it to search files containing specific text, please go to our Online Manual site to have a look: http://www.textfinding.com/support.asp

If you want more information about this text finder software, please go to www.TextFinding.com.