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How to search and get files from your colleagues or employees computers in a fast and convenient way? Please try the best computer file serarch software – TextFinding! Text Finding can not only search your own computer to find a specific file you need, but also search all computers on the local network and then let you preview and downloa the found files from other network computers.

Especially, when you need search a file stored on another PC in your office, usually you must go to that computer to search the file with a Search tool in Windows. And then you also need find a way to copy or move the file to your computer after you find it. There is no necessity to get files from others’ computer by using USB flash disk, that’s too troublesome. TextFinding gives you a helpful hand on this issue. When the two or more computers which are in the same network, install and run TextFinding on the networked computers respectively. You can find documents in seconds because the program looks for data in the active search index without opening real files. In the results, you can view files or download the files directly from other computers on the network. It is the best way to share and view files for a team.

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Why Text Finding?

Are you always sweating searching computer files within a mass of files and folders, even though some of them were created or used by you yesterday? But now those needed documents vanish and you urgently want them back for your daily work. So how would you deal with that? It is unlikely that you may manually search them one by one in numerous folders on your Windows 7 or Window XP, or worse still, you even don’t clearly remember their file names but only know they are Word, Excel or PDF documents that you used yesterday or a few days ago.

At this moment, Text Finding software, a PDF or other documents searching app, can help you to resolve the problem. It can instantly search the computer files you need on your PC even if you don’t remember its file name. It is a powerful files search engine with more features that some built-in desktop search tools cannot provide. It works in an unique and innovative way: combining iindexed search and non-indexed search. In addition, it supports to search a computer for text by file name, size, date and regex, ext. Using Text Finding, you can specify the exact size (Byte, KB, MB or GB) or customize size range, define the exact date or customize date range, or check the exact phrase match.

In addition to the file searching capabilities,Text Finding offers features that support you to perform actions on the searched results- full text viewing, lines locationg, results sorting, filtering, saving, shared files getting, etc.

  • Are you searching for a PPT file that contains a particular word on your computer?
  • Are you looking for a free content search tool for Word documents?
  • Are you searching for a file within a specific folder on your LAN PC?
  • Do you want a fuzzy search for pdf files?
  • Do you want to find files that are taking lots of space on your system?
  • Do you want to search music, video, pictures or software on your desktop?
  • Do you need to deal with lots of documents in your daily work?
  • Do you need to find PDF documents that are created this week?
  • ......

If your answer is "yes" to at least one of these questions, Text Finding is the best file search software for you. It is "find any file" application, which can help you swiftly find everything you need.

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Maybe some of you may ask, “Why do I need Text Finding, if I already have Windows Search or Google Desktop Search built in?”

The reasons are that Text Finding combines two searching ways and offers you much more options.

Gather indexing and non-indexing services together:

Different from other desktop search apps, Text Finding combines index search and non-index search. By using Text Finding, you can make your computer files indexed in order to scan them in background, which can offer you a much faster searching experience. However, if you don’t like this background operating, non-indexed finding may be your favorable option, which doesn’t require you to do indexing before searching. Text Finding is an innovative computer files search tool gathering these two searching services.

Text Finding is a powerful search utility with more features which Windows Search does not offer. It runs in a unique way, combining indexed and non-indexed search in order to offer the most efficient solutions to your computer files searching.

Much More Choices:

Sometimes you may need other options to do further searching, such as finding the text or files in exact modified date or exact size, etc. Text Finding offers lots of useful choices that you may need but Windows search never provides.

It supports to search for folders by folder name and find files by file name, file text, modified date and size. Unlike with Windows Search, with Text Finding you can set the exact size (Byte, KB, MB or GB), the exact modified date (any, today, this week, this month, this year) and click “Exact Phrase Match Checker” button to get exact phrase match results. Even if the files are hidden, you can search for the full text inside multiple files by inputting its full name or section of its name, and even find it by regex. For example, if you enter “.ppt” and select “this week” in the “Modified Date”, it will display all those PowerPoint documents you used this week on your computer. Besides, using Text Finding, you can sort the searched results quickly by file text, file name, folder name, modified date and size. And searching LAN PC files is also available . There is no need for you to install other applications.

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"How can I search for specific text strings within multiple computer files?"

Here are some solutions:

  • Find full text by indexed or non-indexed searching

    Text Finding program has a unique feature, providing with indexed and non-indexed search. If you prefer the former, you need to first create the search index in "Settings" while Text Finding is runnig. The indexed PC files keep synchronized with the (changed) content to ensure the accuracy of the searching results. If the files are changed in your selected indexed scope, Text Finding will automatically create index for them; however, if some contents are removed, their corresponding text in the indexed scope will be also deleted. Unlike with indexing search, there is no such restriction with non-indexing search. Using non-indexed finding, you can randomly specify the search scope and files types.

  • Search documents (Word, Excel, PDF, ect.) for full text by file name or content on your own PC or network desktop

    With Text Finding, whatever way (by file name or by its content) you use to search files, you may get the results in a bunch of files or folders on your PCs or LAN desktop in a matter of minutes. If you search by inputting only one word, e.g. "computer”, it will display text with “computer” in the results field and the “Exact Phrase Match Checker” button keeps gray. If you entering a phrase or a sentence, e.g. “search computer files”, you will find all texts containing “search”, “computer” and "files" but not always the complete phrase, “search computer files”. In this case, you need to click “Exact Phrase Match Checker” button to get the exact phrase match results (which are ticked in the searched results)

  • Find files containing text by Regex

    Text Finding supports searching text according to regex. It means that you can find content in multiple file types. For example, if you enter “.doc” or “.pdf” in the search box, it will display all the Word or PDF documents in your specified folders or drives.

  • Search computer files by size or modified date

    Using Text Finding, you can search for text by file size or modified time. You can specify the size (Byte, KB, MB or GB) and the modified date (today, this week, this month, this year), or customize a size or date range.

  • View or get shared files across network computers

    If you want to search files on LAN PC, you can choose one or more shared PCs which are also running Text Finding, and type what you need to search in the input box. It will display the results in the result field immediately. Then, you can right click and choose “View Text” for viewing the full text. Moreover, if you need some shared files, you can get them by right clicking the results and selecting “Get File”. Those files will be downloaded in the path you set (Settings-Path to Get Files).

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Key Features

  • Search for text files on your LAN computers
  • Find particular text by file types on your local desktop
  • Instantaneously search for computer files
  • Search files containing text by file name
  • Find PDF documents by modified date
  • Search for computer files for full text by size
  • Find text strings by regex
  • Combine index and non-indexed searching
  • Create different indexes by multiple search scope and file types
  • Reindex newly updated files automatically ( no need to rebuild new search indexes)
  • Have the feature of "Exact Phrase Match"
  • Improved indexing speed and capacity
  • Classify the found results :
    by file name
    by file path
    by modified time
    by file size
  • Instantaneously view filtered matching results
  • Save the searched results
  • Support sharing your files with your LAN desktop
  • Allow getting shared files
  • Setup the path to get shared files
  • Have user-friendly interface


One of the most significant benefits you may realize by using Text Finding is reducing your searching time and increasing working efficiency. You may, like many people or companies, have a great number of files on your computer or the shared files and folders full of documents on local network PC, but you cannot make sure what is there or where it is.Text Finding can search specific content within your computer files and exactly locate your PPT or PDF documents your are searching for in a few minutes, while other programs may cost you half an hour or more. So it really helps you save your valuable time and energy and increase your working efficiency.

Moreover, Text Finding is featured with some flexibility to meet your increasing needs.

  • Gathering indexed and non-indexed search to give you an opportunity to search for a file on your computer in your favorable way
  • Providing you with the options of finding specific content by files types, modified date and file size
  • Supporting you to search on your local PC and on shared computers

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What are the advantage of Text Finding? If you are interested in this powerful text searching utility, please go ahead to take a look at the following table comparing it with another finding tool, Copernic Desktop Search.

Text Finding Copernic Desktop Search
Support you to index and search at the same time Search for computer files only after indexing
Can create search index in a swift way Need much more time on index
Have the feature of non-indexed searching Not available
Allow "Exact Phrase Match" Not
Support seeing which line the particular content locates Not
Can search files on Local network PCs Not
Search files much more swiftly

Not find as swiftly as Text Finding

Support sharing your files with your network partners Not
Provide a permanent free version Only offer a 30-day free trial
Much cheaper than Copernic (Professional version) More expensive

How to search files on your computer by date or by size? How to find a file on in Windows 7 or XP by index finding or non-indexed search? How to search for PDF text across multiple files and folders within a minute? All of these can be easilly and fast done by Text Finding, which is a best freeware to search computer files or network content and give you special experience with its simplified use and efficient searching.

If you want to experience how to find any file containing particular text strings, please free download this search files software.

If you want to learn more about how to find text in files using Text Finding, please enter our Online Manual page.

Please view more information from www.TextFinding.com.