Search Text in Files

How can you search for text in files, including PDFs, on your desktop or even your local network ? Please download and have a free trial of Text Finding, which is the best free program to search for text in files on Windows 7. (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/home)

Text Finding scans all your documents in directories you specify and builds search index on files content for further quick search.This software can launch automatic reindexing when the indexed contents are changed. Therefore, you can perform a correct content search inside files without creating a new search index from scatch even though the file contents are changed from time to time.

Quick scan, effective search, preview and download the found files from other computers, you can get all these features with TextFinding, which let you know how to search for particular text inside multiple files in a folder in a fast way.

Instantly Search for Text across mulitiple files

Text Finding is software to find any file on your computer instantly, which can let you know how to find files in Windows 7 if you do not remember the exact name. It offers lightning fast results after you input the file name, content or phrases and define your search scope and file types, and giving you an option for viewing the full text and the text location of your specified word, phrase or sentence.

The primary feature of Text Finding software is to quickly find any text string in any set of files you specify in the input box in one or more files or folders on your computer and display the finding results and text location in a matter of minutes. When you have found the texts or files you want, you can right click the results and select “Full-Text Viewer” for viewing or double click for viewing or editing. In addition to searching, Text Finding also has the feature to share files. Using Text Finding, you can share your indexed files that network users can search by content and files that network users can find by file name.

Although your computers or network desktops have their built- in text searching apps (a simple Google Desktop or Windows Explorer folder search), none of them can reach the efficiency and multi-function of Text Finding, which combines simplified customization and ease of use. Text Finding, a best free program to find text within vast files promptly and conveniently, is perfectly made for programmers or those who often cope with documents. The application executes fuzzy searching of any file type inside any folder.

The best way to find out what it looks likes and what it can do for you is to download it on our download page and try it for free (The download package comes with a permanent free edition).

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Usage Scenarios

Q: "What may Text Finding be used for"

A: "Text Finding is a multifunctional l text searching tool. It can be used in the following scenarios."

- Searching for files containing text on your computer but you have forgot where they locate

- Frantically searching a lost PPT for an important presentation but forget its file name and only remember its located drive

- Finding one important PDF document on all PCs across local network

- Finding out useless text files to delete them for free up disk space

- Looking through desktops used by your employees or students for inappropriate files to observe their performance

- Searching newly modified files on your Windows 7

- Scanning through text in definied size

- Finding specific content modified on 2/20/2012

- Needing to find text across multiple folders and disks within a minute.

- Searching text files by indexing

- Finding a search engine to search text in files anytime without indexing

- Searching for a file containing text in the network

- Search for specific content by indexing

- Being lazy to rebuilt search index after files are modified or removed

- Looking for a search utility which can reindex the updated and deleted documents real time

- Looking for a text searching tool to find files containing text in Windows 7 anytime without indexing

- Needing searched results with exact phrase match



The more information we have stored on our desktops, the more time and energy we need to spend in searching and thus less time we can spend in being productive. Text Finding allows you or your employees to instantantly search for files, PDF document, emails, attachments and any other specific content stored anywhere on your compute or local network PC. It is designed to help you find text across multiple files quickly and easily in your daily activities to meet your ever growing search needs.

Therefore, one of the most significant benefits you may realize by using Text Finding is increasing working efficiency. If you, like many companies, have numerous files on your desktop or file shares full of documents on local area network, however, you cannot make sure what is there or where it is. By using our Text Finding tool, you can quickly and exactly locate the Word or PDF documents you are looking for, as well as some related files. It can reduce your searching time and increase your working efficiency.

In addition, Text Finding is designed with your increasing needs in mind.

  • Allowing indexed search or non-indexed finding
  • Offering the choices to search for specific content by files types, modified date and file size, ect.
  • Supporting find text in files on your computer and LAN desktops

All these benefits show that Text Finding is an excellent Windows 7 desktop file search utility.

Screenshots Screenshots Download Download BuyNow BuyNow Support Online Manual

  • Text Finding- a powerful Windows 7 desktop search tool

    Some of you may ask, "What's the difference between Text Finding and other desktop search utilities? How can I search for text in files on Windows 7 by using Text Finding? " To find out the answers, please read the following solutions.

  • Combine indexed search and non-indexed search

    Text Finding is a full text search freeware with indexed design and non-index design. Indexed search is to create text search index and find text inside these indexed files. You can adjust the speed to accelerate creating index. The indexed files keep the same with the text to ensure the accuracy of the search results. The indexed scope can be a folder, a few folders or all drives on your PC. If new files are added in the indexed scope, Text Finding will automatically create index for the new. On the contrary, if some file is deleted, its corresponding text in the indexed scope will be also removed. Unlike in indexed search, there is no restriction in non-indexed search. With it, you can randomly set the search scope and files types.

  • Instantaneously search for text in files

    Text Finding searches user-defined files for text or specific content, offering swift searhcing and powerful results of the matches within your specified finding locations.It is quicker and far more powerful than a simple built-in desktop search engine, such as Google Desktop or Windows Explorer, with lightning fast results and an option for viewing full text and which line the text locates.

  • Search text inside files with a word, phrase or sentence

    Using Text Finding, you can find content with a word, a few words or one sentence across multiple files or folders.

  • Find text Files by Regex

    Text Finding allows you to search text according to regex. It means that you can find content with different file types. For example, if you enter “.ppt” or “.pdf” in the input box, it will display all the PowerPoint or PDF text in your defined search scope.

  • Check the text location

    When the search results are displayed, you can select “View-Text Location” and click one result. Then in “Text Location”, it shows which line or lines your input content locates in.

  • Read the content of text files directly

    With Text Finding, you can directly view the searched text, even if you haven’t installed Office Software and Adobe reader. We can read the content of Word, Excel or PDF text by right clicking the results and selecting “Full-Text Viewer” or double clicking for viewing or editing.

  • Search for specific content within files by files size or modified date

    Text Finding supports to search for text by file size or modified time. You can specify the exact size (Byte, KB, MB or GB) and the modified date (today, this week, this month, this year). There is no limitation in size and date in Text Finding.

  • Search files containing text in USB, Mobile HD or LAN PC

    Some computer search applications can only be used in your own Windows 7 or XP. Unlike them, Text Finding suppports you to find text in USB, Mobile HD and local network desktop.

  • Share your PDF files with network neighborhood

    When clicking “Settings-Share My Files” or “My Files” button to open the “Share My Files ” window, you can share your indexed PDF documents that network users can search by content or share your PDF files that network users can search by file name.

  • View or get shared files across network computers

    If you want to search files on LAN PC, you can choose one or more shared PCs which are also running Text Finding, and type what you need to find in the search box. It will display the results in the result field immediately. Then, you can right click and choose “View Text” for viewing the full text. Moreover, if you need some shared files, you can get them by right clicking the results and selecting “Get File”. Those files will be downloaded in the path you set (Settings-Path to Get Files).

  • Filter the searched results

    Unsing Text Finding, you can filter the found results by file text, file name, folder name, modified date and size to narrow down the results in order to find out the text you need.

Screenshots Screenshots Download Download BuyNow BuyNow Support Online Manual

What Are the Advantages of Text Finding?

Compared with other desktop search tools, Text Finding has much more advantages. Please take a look at the following comparison table between Text Finding and Copernic Desktop Search.

Text Finding Copernic Desktop Search
Can index while searching documents Search computer files only after indexing
Create finding index swiftly Cost much more time to index
Combine index and non-index search Only index search available
Support "Exact Phrase Match" Not
Display text location Not
Support searching for documents on LAN desktops Not
Find files containing specific content much more swiftly than Copernic Not search as fast as Text Finding
Allow you to share files with your network partners Not
Offer a permanent free version Only give a 30-day free trial
Much cheaper (Professional version) More expensive

If you want to know more about Text Finding, please free download the file search software. The download package is permanent free: http://www.textfinding.com/download.asp

If you need to know how to use it, please read the Online Manual on our website, which can help you install and start using this app: http://www.textfinding.com/support.asp