You may set up an "HTTP file server" on a computer, then let other network users use their own web browsers to search this computer over local network(LAN), then download the found files they need.

  • Click "Http Server" button in the main program window. Then an "Http Server Settings" window will pop out.

  • Click "Start Server" button to start http server. Then Text Finding will run as http file server.
    And you will find a url in the box of "Http Server url", for example,

  • In the main program window, you will also find the blue PC image will be turned on in "Network Area“. (For example, WILSON-PC)
    If there is another networked PC that also runs Text Finding and start its http server, its blue PC image will also be turned on. (For example , IMAC)

  • Search files with web browser from any networked comptuer. You can also download the found files from the http file server.
    For example, WILSON-PC's http server url is , then any network users can input this url in their own web browser, to search files by text on WILSON-PC.
    In addition to search Wilson-PC's files, other network users can download the searched files from WILSON-PC.
    (Definitely, Wilson-PC has already built the search index on its PC, and other network users are on the same network.)