• Is Text Finding a free software product ?

    Yes. Text Finding has a permanent free edition. After you download and install the software, you can use it absolutely free. It is freeware but not adware. Text Finding also has a powerful Professional edition with more features than the free version. You can upgrade the software to the Professional edition. You may click here to compare editions.

  • Will Text Finding search duplicates on other computers in my network ?

    Yes. Text Finding can also scan shared folders in your neighborhood computers.

  • What's the different between the Index Search and the Non-index Search?

    Index Search is more faster than Non-index Search, but you can only search files in index scope. Non-index Search is a little slower,but you can search any files in your computer.

  • What is the difference between Professional edition and Free edition ?

    Professional edition has more powerful features than the Free edition. After you donwload and install Text Finding, you will get a permanent free version. And you must purchase a license and register the software in order to use the Professional edition. Click here to compare editions.